When Nikola Tesla Was Dreaming of Skype



In May 1922, Nikola Tesla published a legendary article in Popular Science Monthly: “ It will be possible to see as well as to hear either by the wireless telephone or over the regular wire circuits. There will be no limit to the distance of such transmission, so that we shall be able to talk to a person in any part of the world and watch his face at the same time.”

Sounds familiar? Thinking of Skype, Hangouts or FaceTime, right?

What makes the genius of Nikola Tesla is to have anticipated such extraordinary uses for technologies that, in fact, existed in his time.

But we now have the most extraordinary technologies than ever in our history: drones, geolocation, free streaming on all mobile devices, to name but a few. The possibilities of these technologies are huge.

The real challenge is now to anticipate new uses for these technologies. Have you really considered the potential that you can draw from these technologies? Who knows, maybe will you be the next Nikola Tesla!

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Mélisande Bodiguel