Super Bowl: 3 Communications Lessons


The 52nd Super Bowl, taking place this Sunday, is the most watched sport event in the United States. But what makes it singular? Football? Not quite. Its success is based as much on the effectiveness of advertisements that are broadcasted as on the winning team! Indeed, a 30-second spot now costs almost US$5 million!

The advertising revenues expected by the Super Bowl and the PyeongChang Olympic Games will be over US$1 billion!

These large-scale events serve to promote brands, but more often than ever, big brands use them as a public relations tool when they have a message to transmit, which seems to work rather well.

Here are 3 communications lessons to remember for the Super Bowl event.

1. Use the strength of the hashtags
Sports are always a social experience. The most popular hashtags this year - including #SB, # SB52 and # superbowl2018 - will generate about 86 billion reactions.

Last year, if the Patriots were the ones to take home the trophy, AirBnB was the big winner when it came to social media, getting the most overall engagement with its hashtag #WeAccept. The latter was mentioned hundreds of thousands of times by Twitter users during the Super Bowl and received an average of 25,757 tweet interactions.

2. Take advantage of the news
It’s no secret that the United States is more divided than ever about President Donald Trump, his administration and his policies. This year, we can expect a similar scenario, many brands decided to use their Super Bowl ad time as a podium to voice their opinions. The response was not always positive, but it did create impressions.

3. Being in the right place at the right time
Last year, there were 27.6 million Super Bowl tweets and retweets around the world between 3:00 P.M and 11:00 P.M. And between 3:00 A.M and noon, Facebook and Instagram mobilized 110 million people who generated 400 million interactions, including posts, comments and reaction.

These social audiences have provided both businesses and brands many opportunities to communicate and interact. They represent one of the most important visibility in the medias! You cannot ignore them!


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