Is traditional out-of-home advertising obsolete?


We just need to walk all around major cities to note that out-of-home (OOH) advertising is still present. If this kind of advertising is necessary because of audience fragmentation, we have to admit that most of the displays are flat and still set in the 70s.

Since we are flooded by this type of advertising, can we conclude that it is profitable for companies and organizations? Or is it simply that there is no effective and affordable alternative? No need to be a psychic to note that most people are riveted to their smartphone and don’t even notice most OOH advertising. Billboards and posters are here to stay, but it will evolve.

In Quebec, just as elsewhere, traditional OOH advertising will be replaced by a more dynamic and targeted advertising. With existing technologies, especially geolocation, advertising will become a real experience, calling new accessible technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

These technological changes will offer a worthy experience and make cities "smarter", providing timely and accurate information. Different sectors like entertainment, retail and even public health sector will find these new tool functions useful.

A lot of advertisers still prefer traditional format advertising. OOH advertising companies will have to propose a more complete and more competitive offer, so that digital outdoor advertising becomes the norm rather than the exception. 

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