Is It The End of FAKE NEWS on Social Media?


Social media could be less and less responsible for FAKE NEWS, according to Google and Facebook giants who will join forces with The Trust Project!
The project, launched by a consortium of journalists, and supported by nearly 75 media organizations such as the New York Times, The Economist and the Washington Post is designed to combat misinformation by identifying "reliable" sources.
Using 8 trust indicators, readers will be able to assess whether the information they find on social media comes from a credible source and if they can trust it or not. Concretely, this tool takes the form of an icon on the publication to obtain key information about the source, the author, the type of content and why it was written.
However, social media users will still have a choice! The phenomenon of FAKE NEWS and other conspiracy theories have not stopped raging on our networks!

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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