Brainstorming: 4 Ideas to Get Out of The Ordinary

“I don't care that they stole my idea. I care that they don't have any of their own”. This is how Nikola Tesla responded to those who were worried about seeing his ideas used by others.

Curiosity, imagination and constantly raising the bar are essential values to question the models and techniques of the past. To stand out, a company must innovate and think outside the box.

This can be achieved through a variety of techniques that stimulate creativity. One of the most popular is definitely brainstorming. But what makes your brainstorming different from your competitor?


Brainstorming is the ideal time to solicit external collaborators, juniors, trainees and support staff. They have a new, fresh perspective and as soon as they break the ice, they will feel valued and confident.


Try to look at your problem from all angles. Looking for a slogan? Try first to find the worst possible slogan. Want to launch a $10,000 campaign? Start by imagining a $100,000 campaign. Pretend for a moment that you are someone else, another culture, another age. It is perhaps from these ideas that the sparks will come from.



The conference room is probably the worst place to hold your brainstorming. Change the air! Keep your meeting outdoors during a group outing, a hockey game, at the restaurant, in a coworking space, anywhere as long as it’s outside your comfort and power zone.


When you have found an idea, ask your collaborators to attack that idea on all fronts. Go ahead, find arguments, defend yourself, be the devil's advocate, find your allies and refine your idea. This exercise will help you to see the loopholes in your project, to improve it, to modify it and to get out what is really new.

Nothing is more difficult than to stand out from the competition and develop great ideas. The next time you have trouble finding a new idea, bring your whole team together. Leave your ego at the door and give the new guy a chance to impress you! Who knows, you may discover an unsuspected star among your collaborators!

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Mélisande Bodiguel