The cultural phenomenon called "Super Bowl"


Read on Facebook today: "As I see the media coverage this morning, it seems that the Super Bowl is a 15 minutes show and an ads festival interrupted by a football game."

That’s exactly what it is.

Sporting events like the Super Bowl remain one of the last preserves of live television. And that is precisely why the Super Bowl is the most lucrative sporting event on the planet. The power of social media does not equal such broadcast, which is watched by nearly 160 million people worldwide!

On second thought, is it really a sporting event, or is it not primarily a cultural and media phenomenon? When we consider that a 30-second ad sells for about US$5 million, it is difficult not to see, at first, a celebration of the capitalist model of entertainment.

Advertising is an integral part of the event, as well as the players and the halftime artist! We could even affirm that the very success of the Super Bowl is based on the effectiveness of those ads. The effort of publicists and business to stand out is, in itself, a parallel game which also attracts its share of viewers.

At the end of the Super Bowl, everyone knows who won the football game. But it is up to every viewer to determine who won the advertisements game!


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