2016 Oscars: Public Relations and Red Carpet


The largest public relations event in the realm of abundance and glamour will be held this Sunday. In recent years, the focus has increased on the attention paid to social issues in this colourful and glittering event. What can we expect this year?


The 88th Academy Awards, coming this Sunday, February 28th, has a special flavour. Boycott calls have multiplied since some personalities recently spoke loudly about the lack of nominations from visible minorities. The Academy responded by amending its terms of admission, in order to give a new flavour to the nominations for the coming years.

We can still expect some comments on this controversy from the host of the ceremony, the African-American, actor and comedian Chris Rock, or by any award winner or evening's presenter.

Engaged speeches

As artists and role models, actors regularly choose to position themselves in favour of certain causes. We can think of some favourite issues such as environment and climate change, feminism and gay rights. Often holding a speech left of the political spectrum, the arts community wants to use his media weight to influence political decisions. Galas in Quebec are also increasingly becoming platforms for those engaged speeches.

For this year’s ceremony, we can certainly expect that Leonardo DiCaprio (if he finally wins) uses this forum to talk about the rights of indigenous peoples and the importance of preserving the environment, two causes close to his heart.

Thus, beyond the extravagant outfits, the marathon of interviews, live performances and host’s cynical humour, artists have long understood that events like this are ideal for them to become a popular example of social commitment and, by doing so, attract more public sympathy. We can therefore conclude that, while appearances still matter most, speeches and commitments are also increasingly valued.


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